Party time

Oh hello!

How brilliant you are at clicking that mouse – it’s quite unbelievable that you’ve managed to find me this early.

So I’m Ed… the X-ray Bear. The official Big Sleuth bear of Aston Medical School. And this Bear Log, or ‘blog’ as I believe they’re more commonly known, is a comprehensive guide to my daily activities. I will be giving regular updates of exciting events I’m involved with, sharing fascinating conversations I’m due to have with the University’s most prominent academics, and offering other facts and observations of mine which may give you a rare glimpse into the life of bears… specifically of the x-ray variety.

It is quite simply… unmissable. Well yes, it is technically missable. But not if you follow my Twitter account where I’ll share all of my posts! So please do.

By means of an introduction, a kind soul made this delightful video of me at the final Big Sleuth get-together before we swept through the streets of Birmingham and beyond. Please take a look 🙂